Vascular Repair Florida

Vascular Repair Florida

Dr. Gregory Nedurian, a board certified surgeon,  providing excellent care and treatment of  venous and arterial disorders to the people of Lakeland, Bartow, Plant City and larger Tampa Bay Area. The Lakeland vein clinic is equipped to treat the full spectrum of venous disorders, from spider veins, to varicose veins, to severe venous stasis disease with ulcerations.

At the vein clinic in Lakeland, Doctor Nedurian performs a specialized analysis of your veins using a detailed history, a careful examination, and an ultrasound examination. We then employ an array of the most advanced and proven vein treatments available, including sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation therapy, VNUS Closures and advanced wound therapy for venous ulcers. When necessary, traditional surgical methods are used. Most of the procedures we use to treat venous disease are minimally invasive, with a short recovery time, and minimal pain. Many are covered by insurance.

In this day and age, there are many types of vein specialists who treat vein disease, but there truly is a huge advantage to seeking a board certified surgeon to help you with your vein problems. The fact is, vascular surgeons, like Doctor Nedurian, have made the study of arteries and veins their life’s work. Vascular surgeons have read the published data, they understand the pathophysiology of venous disease, and they have seen hundreds of cases throughout their extensive training and career. A board certified surgeon is the only vein specialist who can offer the full array of services to treat your veins the right way, with minimal risk, and excellent outcomes.

At the Lakeland Vein Clinic we believe that a good doctor is not just technically excellent, but also compassionate and empathetic. We take the time to listen to your concerns, and answer each of your questions carefully. Our plan of care is discussed thoroughly, and individualized based on your signs and symptoms. We know that even small procedures can be scary, and we strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We truly appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve the best results possible. Our mission is to impact your lives for the better through the careful and thorough treatment of your venous disorders.

Our vein clinics are conveniently located in the Tampa Bay Area: